Ignoring Your Inner Voice



In traffic, we come across signs every single day. Sometimes we pay attention and sometimes we don’t. To some of us, the big red sign with the letters, S T O P is a stop sign. For others, it is a “slow down” sign. “No U turn” can be interpreted as “No U turn when you see the cops.” And 60 miles an hour can mean anything from 65 -90, depending on who you talk to.

Every single morning, the right side of my car almost gets taken off by drivers who interpret the sign telling them to “yield” as a green light. It’s huge, it’s red, and it even accompanies another small yellow sign next to it that says, “No merge area.” Still, most drivers pay absolutely no attention to the sign. And every other week, I drive past an accident.

Traffic signs are no different from the signs we see in relationships. We choose to see them or not see them. And they are all open to interpretation. Some signs are subtle and can be explained away. They show up like a sun shower in July and then disappear. Others are not so subtle. They resemble wrinkles on our finger tips from staying in a relationship too long. They can be loud and glaring and yet we can still tell ourselves to ignore them or make them into something they are not.

Our conscience is our brain’s way of trying to lead us in the right direction. Sinking feelings, nerves, anxiety… those are all a way for your sixth sense to quietly tap you on the shoulder and whisper in your ear, “Something doesn’t feel right.”

Unfortunately, most of us try our best to ignore our inner voice in relationships. There are hundreds of ways that we do that; Keeping ourselves busy with work, pouring ourselves into our children, straying away or cutting off friends and family, going out, substance abuse, taking up hobbies…anything and everything to prevent our brains from having a quiet moment to breathe and consider possibilities. As long as we can cloud our inner voice or keep it busy, then we won’t have to listen to it….or so we think.

Listening to your inner voice is the key to finding happiness. When you ignore it, you suppress not only your “Something doesn’t feel right” voice, but you also suppress inner peace, happiness, and comfort. You exchange all of that for temporary peace and temporary happiness that comes to you in small doses. What ‘doesn’t feel right’ still catches up to you, whether it is in your dreams, through the voices of your children, friends, or family, or in the moments when you are sitting in the same room as your significant other and still feel lonely.

Take a moment, breathe, and listen to your voice. You can’t ever outrun her/him. You can only try.


Have you ever ignored your inner voice? Tell me about it.